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**New Four Module Process

The two-year program is divided into four learning modules. Each module has distinct goals, but will follow a similar progression. Modules consist of 3 online courses followed by a training retreat, plus coaching and spiritual direction.

Module 1 – Orientation: Introduce the Vision Process (4 months)

This module lasts approximately 4 months and will introduce the theological concepts, as well as the expectations, logistics, and technology involved in the Launch & Lead process. During this time participants will work with their coach to form a deeper understanding of what they hope to accomplish in Launch & Lead.


1.1 Intro to Academy Learning

1.2 Intro to Missional Community

1.3 Vision Project

1.4 Spiritual Life Retreat

Module 2 – Theological Foundations: Discover & Explore the Vision (7 months)

Building on the principles introduced in Mod 1, this module provides a firm theological foundation for developing missional community. The participants are equipped and invited to listen and pay close attention to what God is already up to in the neighborhood. Coaches will help participants consider how these principles apply to their context and calling, and when necessary, discern what that specific calling might be.


2.1 Missional Imagination

2.2 Reading the Bible with a Missional Church

2.3 Spiritual Leadership Development

2.4 Missional Community Development 1

Module 3 – Leadership & Community: Solidify & Communicate the Vision (7 months)

The various components of this module are all designed to help the participant understand the why, how, and what of launching and leading a community. Coaching work is focused on helping each participant solidify their vision, communicate that vision to others, and bring together the core group / lead team for the new community.


3.1 Missional Ecclesiology

3.2 Creating Culture

3.3 Beginning a Missional Community

3.4 Missional Community Development 2

Module 4 – Community Launch Practicum: Refine & Implement the Vision (6 months)

The final module is dedicated to launching the new community. To that end, there are no 6-week courses like those in previous modules. Learning takes place in the context of doing, reflecting - with the lead team, peers in the cohort, and the coach – and refining the vision and implementation plan as needed. Mod 4, and the two-year program, conclude with a final retreat to celebrate, share stories of struggles and victories, and consider the “next steps.”


4.1 Practicum Check Point 1

4.2 Practicum Check Point 2

4.3 Practicum Check Point 3

4.4 Final Retreat

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Cost and Funding

The two-year cost for Launch & Lead is $6,000. This includes:

  • All coursework
  • Four retreats, including lodging and meals
  • Six days apart
  • Individual coaching
  • Spiritual direction
Tuition does not include travel or textbooks.

Our students have accessed a variety of funding sources to help with tuition:

  • Texas Methodist Foundation
  • Duke Endowment
  • Congregational Development funds
  • District Funds for new ministries or leadership development
  • Individual Churches

We believe it is vital that individuals have at least a minimal level of financial responsibility for their own tuition. It has been determined that full scholarships can create a diminished level of commitment and/or accountability for the difficult work required in the academy.  Therefore, even for a college student, it is suggested that a payment breakdown be devised, for example, where the student pays 2% and the balance is borne by a combination of their home church, their Wesley Foundation, their conference, etc. Preferably the additional funding would be derived from the context in which they will be building community, so that there is support, accountability, and glad expectation!

Every situation is different and diversity of socio-economic backgrounds is an important goal.  Therefore, a person of little means would be welcomed to be on full scholarship.  But there would still be the need to determine how accountability would be defined for him or her.  That's true on the other side of the continuum as well!  If a person of great means could easily walk away because the tuition fee is of little consequence to them, it would be the same challenge!

Payments can be made through one of the following three options:

a. A single payment of $5,500 within the first 30 days of class (A $500 discount for paying in full)

b. Two annual payments of $3,000, with the first due at commencement of classes and the second one year from that date.

c. Eight quarterly payments of $750, with the first due at the commencement of classes.

  - For details or questions regarding tuition or payment options contact Larry Duggins.